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Welcome To Moonly Lamps

 The Moonly moon lamp is designed to look like the real moon. This 3D moon lamp’s proportions and appearance are referenced to NASA’s satellite data source, lunar proportion. The moon lamp 3d design exhibits realistic moon shape with rough landscapes, plateaus, and craters. For the very same reasons, it is often refferred lovingly as Luna Lamp. We have priced it affordable and added reliable warranty

Main Features

3D Printed

Moonly moon lamps are 3D printed using environment-friendly, durable, light-weight polymer.


Easy to recharge using USB ports. Doesn’t heat up while charging. Plug and charge with laptops, mobile charger.

Two Tones

Warm LED light with two tones. Warm Yellow and Cool White color changes by touch. Adjustable brightness.  Multi-Color (Red,Green, Blue) optional.



Peace of mind ! 3 months replacement warranty (extendable to 1 year) against manufacturing defects.

Built To Last, Designed To Be Adored

In every prominent culture, the moon represents love, bond, peace, and romance. Two lovers are said to ruminate on the moon at the same time to show their love. They do so because no matter wherever you go, there's always the moon in the sight in the dark night sky. One doesn't have to be an astronomer to find it in the starry night sky. As such, it has become a symbol of longing and love.

Now there is a chance for everyone to bring their own moon home. 

The moon lamp is an ingenious creation by Acorn studio, Taiwan. They started an all-sold-out crowdfunded design and development of an orb-shaped lamp which has a surface that resembles the moon using latex over fiberglass (not the best and safest choice of material). The new 3D technology has made it even more realistic and accurate than their creation. Moon lantern is now 3-D printed using environment-friendly PLA polymer with a realistic and accurate depiction of the moon.

The Moon Lamp is designed to evoke wonder, and admiration. It is a perfect romantic gift for women, Christmas gifts parents, lovers, children, even pets! Everyone seems to love the warm, fuzzy feeling it brings along. There is so much more to your Moon Lamp. Right from how it is made to the design aesthetics.

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The moon lamp so real that every owner feels like Neil Armstrong. We ship worldwide. We offer cheaper prices than Amazon and The Apollo Box with added realiable warranty.