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Moon Lamp with 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20 cms diameter. It is perfect as the moon night light. It is also suitable as a tasteful addition to the decor of your home.

What’s In The Moon Box

This Moon lamp is lovingly packaged in soft packaging so that it reaches your loved ones as described. The moon lamp has following features:

  • Moon Lantern Body Color – White.
  • Moon Light Color – Warm Yellow, Cool White.
  • Charging Power Supply – USB, 5 Volts.
  • Operational Time – 4 to 12 Hours on Single Charge.
  • Package Content – 1 Moon Lamp, 1 Wooden stand, 1 USB Charging Cable, 1 Instruction Manual.
  • Size: Depends on what size you picked.


There’s nothing more enchanting to look at the moon on a full moon night. Moonly Moon lamp brings you an opportunity to look at full moon whenever you want. Thanks to the advanced three-dimensional polymer printing, this 3d Moon lamp has a realistic representation of the Moon’s surface.

Moon lamp has come far from fiberglass and latex construction. Now it is 3D printed with lightweight, durable polymer with highest standard technology.

3d printing of luna lamp


It is wireless, portable, easily rechargeable, durable, environment-friendly and completely non-toxic. Everything operates via touch button on the bottom.

Moon Lamp Operation by touch button

You may change the color from cool blue to warm yellow. You may also adjust the brightness by holding the touch button.

Moon Lamp brightness adjustment

The Moon Lantern owe their magnificent moonlight to long-lasting, dual-tone LED lights hidden inside their polymer structure. These LEDs are designed to last for years. They also consume low power so the single charge on a moon lantern lasts for 4 to 12 hours depending on brightness levels. They can be easily recharged using USB port on laptops.

Moon lamp usb port recharging

It is advisable not to charge them using mobile chargers because of variation in voltage in them. Check the voltage of your charger to see if it matches the input levels of the moon lamp.

Moonly moon lamps come in variety of sizes. From 8 cm to 20 cm diameter.

Moon lamp sizes

Contents of box include – instruction manual, USB charging cable, Wooden stand, and moon lamp along with packaging ribbon to protect the contents.

moon lamp box contents

Many see the Moon lamp as a means for urban people to bring the seemingly natural moonlight into their homes. However, we know for a fact that they would look especially lovely inside any home whether urban or countryside. We can only imagine the excitement of children in the home to trade their existing night lights for one of these enchanting moon night light.

 children love luna lamp

Even pets seem to love them. The natural-seeming moonlight attracts them and they tend to feel calmer around it.

hedgehog loves moonly

The book lovers love to unravel the next big plot next to this glowing sphere of awesomeness. Moon lanterns also seem to set the mood right for lovers. They tend to iron out any creases put on people by a tiring day and calm the mood in general.

 reading book in moon lamp light

Moon Lantern makes for a great gift for everyone, anyone. It is appreciated by young and old alike. Lovers love it, couples want it, friends appreciate it, children love being around it (probably play with it as well), and pets are naturally attracted to them. It works as a night light or for mood lighting!

Since Acorn studio announced them and started selling them, the prices have always been exorbitantly high. We have got the price lowered to where they have become really affordable.

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