Warranty – Terms And Conditions

All products come with a standard dead-on-arrival (DoA) warranty of 48 hours. There is an option to extend the warranty to a total of 6, 12 months on certain items. Register your product within 5 days of receipt to keep the optional long-term warranty. By making a purchase on this website you automatically are under contract with moonly for the warranty terms and conditions as described below.

What Does The Warranty Cover

The warranty only covers any defects in material, manufacturing, and workmanship on arrival or under normal use. If the product doesn’t work as intended within the duration of warranty under normal usage, the warranty will be applicable.

How Will Warranty Cover You

We will provide any free replacement for the product which is found to be not working under normal usage. You may use the warranty single time only.

How Long The Coverage Lasts

The DoA (Dead on Arrival) warranty covers you for 48 hours after receipt of the item and no registration is required. The optional extended warranty period starts from the date of registration of the product and it lasts for the duration of the warranty prescribed by your purchase.

What Is Not Covered By Warranty

We will not cover any of the following-

  • Any accessories including in packaging besides the item – charging cable, wooden stand, batteries, etc.
  • Wear and tear of the item by usage, misuse, mishandling.
  • Any tampering, modification of the product.
  • Loss of function because of mishandling, over-charging the rechargeable battery, using non-compatible phone chargers for charging (only laptop, computer USB ports recommended).
  • You fail to report the damaged condition of the product after 48 hours of receipt. For any dead-on-arrival scenario, you have to request a return within 48 hours of receipt.

When Does Warranty Become Void

All terms in the section “What Is Not Covered By Warranty” are applicable. As well as the following:

  • You fail to register the product within 5 days of the receiving it.
  • When you have already used your warranty once.
  • If the product returned by you (for warranty or otherwise) gets damaged in transit.

What do you have to do

You need to register a complaint with the Support. Add all details and add a picture/short video of the product advising what is wrong. Package it carefully with bubble wrap or any other packaging material to avoid voiding the warranty. Send it back to us in the original box/new box on the address advised by the support.

What Happens Next

We will evaluate if the products satisfy the warranty conditions stated in this document. If found to be satisfactory, we will send you the replacement and refund you the shipping cost (capped at 200 Indian Rupees (INR) per item). The process may take about 4-5 weeks after we receive the product from you. We will send you email notifications on the progress of your warranty.

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